Minds And Tech Program

A Journey Towards Intelligent Development



Detailed Minds And Tech Program

08.30 | Registration and Welcome Coffee

09.00 | Opening Remarks

09.20 | A Global Mind for Global Challenges

Keynote – How Collective Intelligence Can Address the Challenges that Humanity Faces?
Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together. 

09.50 | Switching to Positive Impact Through AI Solutions

Panel – What Emerging Solutions for Education, Health and the Environment?
Smarter Bodies for Smarter Minds.
EdTech: AI-CI Fueled Education.
Smart Cities to Tackle Climate Change.

11.05 | Coffee Break

11.35 | Constructing a Smart Governance to Embrace Uncertainty 

Panel – Ethics: Is AI a Humanity Obstacle?
The Moral Machine Experiment.

Learning From Nature to Assess Our Intelligence Needs.
The Role of Cobots to Empower Humans.

Panel – Policies: Where Is Europe Heading To?
Principles for Governance: At the Intersection Between AI and the Urban Revolutions.
AI in Europe: How Humans and Machines can HarmonAIze for a Bright Future.

Fireside Chat – Can Collective Intelligence Fix Democracies?
Intersections of innovation: Co-Designing the Future of Digital Governance. 

13.40 | Lunch

15.00 | Building a New Economy for an Intelligent Ecosystem 

Keynote – How Will the Future of Work Look Like?
The Future of Work Driven by Radical Innovations. 

Panel – How Evolving Technologies Are Reshaping the Economy? 
How Emerging and Exponential Technologies Are Creating and Empowering New Business Models.
AI Investment: Believe the Hype. 

16.10 | Challenging Minds Competition

Challenging Minds Pitches.
Brightest AI/CI Award in partnership with Ms. AI.

17.00 | Closing Remarks

17.10 | Networking and Cocktail

18.30 | Event Closure

*This agenda is inspirational, Minds and Tech program is still subject to change. A new version co-created together with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence will be released soon.

Program Narrative


New powerful technologies such as AI have created great impacts on our society, however, it is difficult to fully apprehend their scope and side effects. Are We Truly Heading Towards Intelligent Development? Minds & Tech will address this key question by articulating its program around 5 main blocks: 


Collective Intelligence & Global Challenges (i.e. A Global Mind for Global Challenges): Minds & Tech will open the day by questioning the current concepts we hold on intelligence. Together, we will explore how adopting the perspective of collective intelligence can help us think imaginatively about our future and redesign our systems in order to tackle the most complex challenges humanity is facing in our century.

AI Solutions (i.e. Switching to Positive Impact Through AI Solutions): Part of the solutions harnessed by collective intelligence involve another kind of intelligence: the artificial one. AI offers a vast range of possibilities that will eventually enable us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); this will be illustrated by reviewing innovations in health, education and climate.

Governance Solutions (i.e. Constructing a Smart Governance to Embrace Uncertainty): No matter how good the innovation is, if it is not envisioned through all aspects or boosted by smart decision-making bodies, it will not generate positive impact. It is therefore fundamental to think about how AI and CI should be incorporated within public institutions and policy-making for a responsible use of new technologies.

Industry Solutions (i.e. Building a New Economy for an Intelligent Ecosystem): Time to go to markets! To complete the journey towards intelligence, Minds & Tech will delve into the future of industry examining how work environments will look like and how they respond to the new demands of markets.

Start-up Competition (i.e. Challenging Minds): The 5 selected start-up of our Challenging Minds competition will pitch their project in front of the audience and a panel of experts will ask questions to provide further details about each project. Before the closing of the event, we will proceed to a collective vote by the audience in order to recognize the winner of our Challenging Minds Award which will name the Brightest AI/CI Mind.



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